Ali Hamidi - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 76

Ali Hamidi - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 76

By Nash Tackle

This week joining Hassan has cemented his place in carp fishing history, from putting fishing on TV through to transforming media within the industry and catching incredible carp both home and abroad along the way it’s none other then “One More Cast” Ali Hamidi.

It was surreal and a privilege to have Ali over at Nash HQ and to sit him down and explore the man behind the myth. A huge amount (if not all) of Ali’s angling exploits have been documented over the years and this podcast pays homage to his standout chapters on the bank, however the main focus is about what makes Ali tick, why he chose to leave Korda, his secrets to success and what drives him moving forward.

Starting with Ali’s childhood in the warzone of the Iran Iraq war he talks about family and him moving to England. He talks about his introduction to fishing and also dealing with challenging aspects of adjusting to life in the UK especially. Ali goes on to describe his early angling exploits in Essex on venues such as Layer Pits.

Pursuing his media career moving up north to university in Cheshire Ali talks fondly about his time immersing himself on the northern carp scene in amongst the like of Frank Warwick and Gaz Fareham. At this time Ali also found himself fishing the historic Redsmere and how writing a chapter on silty meers led to him being published in Carp World. 

Ali then goes onto explain how via work experience at Sky Sports and a brief very successful spell within another industry lead him to get the job as head of marketing at Korda. He talks about his time at Korda both behind the rods and in the office as well as his relationship with other members of the team. He also talks about the changes he made with regards to media which have shaped a lot of what we see now from media within angling.

The decision of Ali to leave Korda a year or so ago sent shockwaves across the angling industry and community that’s for sure. Ali talks in detail about this and his aspirations with regards to his new company One More Cast. He openly talks about his start at OMC with regards to Bobby Zamora, Ray Kelvin, Nic Warner and The Grand Fishing Adventure to name but a few. The reality and challenges of starting a new business as well as Ali’s incredible drive and work ethic are highlighted in this section also.

Finally, Ali talks about his future aspirations and what drives him. Ali is an incredibly driven, humble and knowledgeable man with an unrivalled passion for fishing and the promotion of the sport on a wider level. He has always remembered his roots and those that have helped him every step of the way and despite being so successful he never takes anything or anyone for granted. This podcast in a very open, honest and frank depiction of the man himself.

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