Your Gut is Full of Bugs: Why This is Great News

Your Gut is Full of Bugs: Why This is Great News


You may have heard there are bugs in your gut. But do they matter? 

Today, the evidence shows the answer is a resounding yes. This ecosystem of tiny microbes living in our bodies is one of the most exciting areas in medical research, linked to everything from metabolic to mental health.

So while many of us have heard that gut health is essential, few of us understand why and what we should do to support our gut bacteria.

In this episode, Jonathan speaks with Will Bulsiewicz to find out when our microbiome begins to form, the most effective ways to support our gut health, and the role these gut bacteria play in controlling our weight.

Will Bulsiewicz is a board-certified gastroenterologist, and New York Times bestselling author of the microbiome book Fiber Fueled.

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00:00 - Intro

00:11 - Topic introduction

01:29 - Quickfire questions 

02:55 - What is the microbiome?

08:51 - The role of the microbiome?

11:52 - The microbiome as an organ?

17:01 - Why does the microbiome matter?

21:01 - How does the microbiome affect our metabolism and weight?

24:12 - Do we have a microbiome before we are born? How does it develop?

32:44 - What can you do to improve your gut health?

35:55 - Analyzing the microbiome to know more about your relationships 

39:24 - 3 health tips to improve our microbiomes 

41:42 - Summary

44:40 - Outro

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