One Thing with Zoe Blaskey on why motherhood is hard

The Therapy Edit

By Anna Mathur

One Thing with Zoe Blaskey on why motherhood is hard

Friday, 6 May

In this episode of The Therapy Edit's One Thing, Anna chats to Zoe Blaskey, founder of Motherkind. Zoe's One Thing involves examining the reasons why many (most) Mums find motherhood hard so that we can find more gentleness and understanding for ourselves.

Zoe is a qualified transformational and executive coach specialising in working with parents and the founder of Motherkind, a personal development platform for parents. Zoe has coached hundreds of parents of all backgrounds on how to navigate the huge challenges of modern parenthood.

There is currently a year long waitlist to work with Zoe one on one. Zoe hosts The Motherkind Podcast which is the UK’s number one family podcast on iTunes and has been featured in Red, The Telegraph, Psychologies, Goop, SheerLuxe and Mother&Baby.

Zoe has delivered talks and workshops to some of the UK's leading businesses including Clearscore, BT, Sky and BBC. She has two daughters, and lives with her husband Guy by the sea in Dorset.

You can find out more about Motherkind at

And you can follow Zoe on Instagram at @motherkind_zoe
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