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The Therapy Edit

By Anna Mathur

Pep talks packed with grounding words for motherhood feelings. Enjoy a twice weekly dose of The Therapy Edit.

On Monday's you'll find ten minute episodes of Anna's Psychotherapy knowledge woven with with her candid chat about motherhood. Fridays bring 15 minute episodes featuring a guest sharing the one thing they'd love to share with fellow mothers.

Anna Mathur is Times Bestselling author of 'Mind over Mother', and 'Know Your Worth', and the founder of The MotherMind Way. Passionate about taking therapy outside of the therapy room, she shares insights that have changed the lives of her clients, and transformed hers too.

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On how to deal with parenting mistakes and failings

In this episode Anna offers listeners 5 practical tips to manage guilt associated with mistakes they feel they have made as a parent.Parenting is a tough gig and we all make mistakes on a daily basis, big and small, but each new day is an opportunity to be the parent that your child needs you to be so carrying guilt over situations you have no ability to erase from history is counter productive. Use Anna's tools to resume your sense of confidence and sense of safety for your children.
04/07/2211m 26s

One Thing with Anna Williamson on getting more sleep

On this episode of One Thing Anna chats with fellow Anna, Anna Williamson on the topic of sleep and how our thoughts about it and the hours we get, change as we become mothers. Anna Williamson is a mum of two, television presenter, podcaster, author and dating expert that you might recognise as the presenter of Channel 4's Celebs Go Dating. Anna is also a big champion of maternal mental health.You can follow Anna on Instagram at @annawilliamsonofficialYou can listen to her podcast, Breaking Mum and Dad here you can buy her book Breaking Mum and Dad, The Insider's Guide to Parenting Anxiety here
01/07/2220m 38s

On a tip for avoiding exhaustion

On this episode Anna considers how we can protect ourselves from the risk of burnout and exhaustion by starting to think about our energy as a limited resource.
27/06/2210m 24s

One Thing with Amelia Freer on how to nourish yourself

On this episode of One Thing Anna chats with Amelia Freer about why self nourishment for mothers truly matters.Amelia Freer is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and international best selling author, debuting with the inspirational Eat. Nourish. Glow., now translated into many languages. Amelia’s fourth book, Simply Good for You, was released in Dec 2019.You can follow Amelia on Instagram at @ameliafreer You can find out more about Amelia's work here can buy your copy of Simply Good For You here
24/06/2225m 33s

On how to be more consistent

In this episode Anna considers how we judge ourselves against our ability to consistently achieve what we consider to be the best way to live. Be it parenting decisions, habits and routines or practices that we think will make our lives better.Anna chats about when we should aspire to be consistent and when we should let it go and offers 5 tips for achieving consistency when it actually matters.
20/06/2212m 59s

One Thing with Shakira Akabusi on relieving motherhood stress

In this episode Anna chats to mum on a mission, Shakira Akabusi about relinquishing control as a mum and learning to roll with the punches and adapt to every new situation that you find yourself in.Shakira is a mum of four, working to shatter the Stereotype around mother, in particular pre and postnatal health, including physical and mental wellbeing.You can find out more about Shakira on her website and follow her on Instagram at @shakira.akabusi You can buy her book 'The Strong Like Mum Method: Awaken the power of your pre and postnatal body through instinct, knowledge and exercise' at
17/06/2214m 11s

On how not to pass your insecurities on to your kids

Anna considers how we can protect our children from developing negative mental and emotional health habits as a result of our own worries and insecurities.
13/06/2212m 35s

One Thing with Claire Russell on taking the boredom out of play

On this episode of "One Thing' Anna chats with early years expert and founder of playHOORAY, Claire Russell. Claire shares her tips and tricks for how we can find inspiration for new and easy ways to play with our children and how we can make it less of a chore and more fun.Claire Russell is a Mum, author and founder of playHOORAY. playHOORAY! is all about equipping you with the tools to entertain your young children. You do not need a houseful of expensive toys to get the kids playing. It’s amazing what you can create with the items you already have around the house and eagle eye for ‘play potential’.You can find out more about playHOORAY and shop Claire's resources here you can follow Claire on Instagram at @play.hooray
10/06/2213m 0s

On 5 ways to get space for yourself when you can't

In this episode of The Therapy Edit Anna ponders practical ways to help you create space around yourself when you can't physically step away from your children.
06/06/228m 35s

One Thing with Katherine Omerod on letting go of guilt for child-free time

In this episode Anna chats to journalist Katherine Omerod about how she's taught herself to ring fence time and budget to enjoy time as an adult away from her children and how she's quite certain that everyone benefits from this decision.Katherine Ormerod is a writer, author and editor. You can follow Katherine on Instagram at @katherine_ormerodYou can buy Katherine's book 'Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life' here can also pre-order Katherine's new book, Coco Rules, Life and Style According to Coco Chanel here
03/06/2216m 59s

On a simple way to feel happier

On this episode of The Therapy Edit Anna considers the wonder of boredom and how we can find more joy in the mundane moments in life.
30/05/229m 5s

One Thing with Liz Earle on what you need to know about hormones

In this episode of One Thing, Anna chats with Liz Earle about peri-menopause and how the onset of the symptoms caused by a reduction in hormones can take many mothers by surprise.Liz Earle MBE is a leading British ethical entrepreneur, charity founder, TV presenter and bestselling author. She's also passionate about educating women about the Menopause and how they can manage and live with their symptoms. You can follow Liz on Instagram at @lizearleme and you can listen to her popular podcast here can also find out about Liz's other projects and subscribe to her newsletter at
27/05/2217m 46s

On untangling feelings of failure

I share a thought on why we feel like we're failing sometimes. It's a philosophical one, about how motherhood is a role, but it is also an identity.As mothers, when we feel like we are failing, the feeling can hit a little harder sometimes, because it can feel less to do with getting a role a bit wrong sometimes, and more to do with who we are! I untangle this a little in this episode.
23/05/2211m 38s

One Thing with Anna Whitehouse on not idolising or looking down on each other.

In this episode of One Thing, Anna chats with Anna Whitehouse (aka Mother Pukka) on how we've become a split society and what we can do as mothers and citizens to close the gap.Anna is a presenter on both Heart Radio and Channel 4, a columnist at Grazia and Marie Claire, a podcaster and the author of three books. She also heads up 'Flex Appeal', campaigning for flexible working for all. She is making waves and changing lives and businesses!You can buy her latest book, co-written with her husband, Matt Farquharson, the Sunday Times Bestseller Underbelly, here you can follow Anna on Instagram at @mother_pukka
20/05/2214m 5s

On how to navigate difficult parenting moments

Sometimes as a mother, you'll find yourself at a loss as to what the next step can be and how you can move your family out of a moment in time into a calmer, happier environment where you all feel in control. Sometimes there is just no control to be had. And in this episode I share my tips for managing those moments and how to handle the feeling that you don't have the answers or the strength to navigate through.
16/05/2211m 4s

One Thing with Erica Davies on how to feel good in what you wear

In this episode of One Thing, Anna chats to Erica Davies, former fashion editor, stylist and author about the importance of finding your style confidence in the early days of motherhood.Erica is the author of Leopard is a Neutral which you can buy here can also follow Erica on Instagram at @erica_davies
13/05/2214m 7s

On 5 ways to make time for yourself

Prioritising yourself can be something that many mothers find really, really hard. We often tell ourselves that putting ourselves to the bottom of the pile is a demonstration of just how much we love our families. But it's not so, in fact it's quite the opposite! And in this episode I explain why and also offer 5 tips to help you start to make time for yourself.
09/05/2212m 12s

One Thing with Zoe Blaskey on why motherhood is hard

In this episode of The Therapy Edit's One Thing, Anna chats to Zoe Blaskey, founder of Motherkind. Zoe's One Thing involves examining the reasons why many (most) Mums find motherhood hard so that we can find more gentleness and understanding for ourselves.Zoe is a qualified transformational and executive coach specialising in working with parents and the founder of Motherkind, a personal development platform for parents. Zoe has coached hundreds of parents of all backgrounds on how to navigate the huge challenges of modern parenthood. There is currently a year long waitlist to work with Zoe one on one. Zoe hosts The Motherkind Podcast which is the UK’s number one family podcast on iTunes and has been featured in Red, The Telegraph, Psychologies, Goop, SheerLuxe and Mother&Baby. Zoe has delivered talks and workshops to some of the UK's leading businesses including Clearscore, BT, Sky and BBC. She has two daughters, and lives with her husband Guy by the sea in Dorset.You can find out more about Motherkind at www.motherkind.coAnd you can follow Zoe on Instagram at @motherkind_zoe
06/05/2219m 51s

On the taboo of boredom in motherhood

Feeling bored by some of the repetitive and mundane aspects of motherhood doesn't mean you don't love your kids or your role as a mother or that you're failing in any way. It's normal! I share some tips on how you can cope with feeling bored as a mum.
02/05/2211m 15s

One Thing with Olivia Bath on growing work confidence

In this episode of The Therapy Edit's One Thing, Anna chats to Olivia Bath, founder of The Women's Vault. Olivia's One Thing relates mother's confidence in the workplace.At The Women’s Vault, Olivia provides coaching to help women to overcome workplace barriers, including returning to work post maternity leave, progressing into leadership, negotiating flexible work through to confidence and personal brand. She also provides consulting and training programmes to businesses. Her private and corporate clients include the NHS, Amazon, PwC, and law firms. Olivia is a mother to three-year-old George, and it was her own experiences of returning to work after maternity leave, to a bigger role at one of Australia’s top 4 banks, and the struggles she faced, that inspired her to start her business. Olivia has a digital course, “Returning to Work and Thriving in the First Year” which will be re-released over the summer.You can visit The Wome's Vault here can book a free 15 min taster session with Olivia here: you can follow The Women's Vault on Instagram at @TheWomensVault
29/04/2217m 24s

On how to stop thinking about worst case scenarios

I share my advice and tips on how to halt worst case scenario thinking. I explore the reasons why we might tend to jump to the worst case scenario and offer some tools for changing that way of thinking and learning to cross bridges if we come to them.
25/04/2211m 56s

One Thing with Sarah Turner on how to make things easier

On this episode of 'One Thing' Anna chats with author Sarah Turner (aka The Unmumsy Mum). Sarah's One Thing is a nugget of wisdom that has helped her numerous times over the years and we're sure will help many other mums too.Sarah Turner is a Sunday Times Best Selling Author and her latest book, Stepping Up, her first ever novel has recently been released and can be purchased here can follow Sarah on Instagram at @theunmumsymum and you can read her blog and find out about her other books and events at
22/04/2217m 7s

On lessening loneliness in motherhood

I share my experience and thoughts on why loneliness is such a commonly experienced feeling in motherhood. Becoming a mother can mean that often we’re rarely alone, so feeling lonely can be confusing and hard to address. I hope sharing my experiences and how I manage the feeling is a helpful for you.
18/04/2212m 41s

One Thing with Molly Forbes on accepting your body, even when you don't like it

In this episode Anna chats to Author, Podcaster and Campaigner, Molly Forbes about how all bodies are good bodies and how we can teach our children to embrace their body regardless of their shape or size. Molly is the founder and director of The Body Happy Org. You can follow Molly on Instagram at @mollyjforbesYou can buy her book Body Happy Kids at find out more about The Body Happy Org and Molly's other work here
15/04/2218m 47s

On a simple thing that improved my relationship with my kids

I share a simple thing that has really benefited my relationship with my kids. It's a small but brilliant sentence that I've started saying to them and the impact has been wonderful. I hope you enjoy trying it out too!
11/04/229m 31s

One Thing with Clover Stroud on embracing the hidden sides of motherhood

In this episode Anna chats to Author Clover Stroud on the darker and less discussed side of motherhood that involves frustration, loneliness and rage. She talks about how accepting rather than denying this side of us can be life changing.Clover is a mum of 5 and a Sunday Times Bestselling author of My Wild and Sleepless Nights, The Wild Other and the recently published The Red of My Blood.You can follow Clover on Instagram at @cloverstroudYou can purchase all three of Clover's books here
08/04/2219m 17s

On 5 things that will help when you feel hormonal

Every month I turn into a different version of myself! I'm quick to snap and tears come easily. I can swing from joy to rage in a single moment. I share five things that really help me navigate the hormonal rollercoaster.
04/04/2212m 54s

One Thing with Fearne Cotton on how to stop judging yourself

On this episode of One Thing, Anna chats with the one and only Fearne Cotton about why she thinks self-judgement is the biggest cause of guilt and worry.Fearne Cotton is the founder of Happy Place. Happy Place is a destination for all – where difference is celebrated and the extraordinary is discovered. Happy Place is a place to connect. To listen to the most interesting minds on the planet, and engage with the conversation.To give back and pay it forward. To find the joy in every day – even if for a moment.You can listen to Happy Place podcasts, buy Fearne's books and learn about upcoming events here can also follow Fearne on Instagram at @fearnecotton and @happyplaceofficial
01/04/2217m 26s

On 5 tips for easing social anxiety

I'm not the only one who has walked into a social situation post-pandemic and experienced a fresh wave of anxiety. How comfortable and confident we feel around others is something that can grow in time as we flex our social muscles again! I share 5 tips to help you along the way.
28/03/2212m 50s

One Thing with Jo Tutchener-Sharp on how to enjoy your kids more

In this episode of One Thing, Anna chats to Jo Tutchener-Sharp, founder of the incredible clothing brand, Scamp and Dude about how the challenges she has faced in life have led her to really try and be fully present when she is around her children.Jo is founder and CEO of Scamp & Dude has a long history in the world of fashion and beauty. In October 2015 Jo’s life took a difficult turn when she suffered a brain haemorrhage. She had to leave her children for a lengthy stay in hospital to undergo life threatening brain surgery and it was this moment that inspired Jo to create a brand that helps children feel more secure when apart from their loved ones, and Scamp & Dude was born. Famous for its superpower infused leopard and lightning bolt loungewear and vibrant designs, Scamp & Dude is a British purpose led fashion brand with a huge heart. Now sold in Liberty!You can follow Jo on Instagram at @scampanddudejo and follow her business at @scampanddudeYou can also see and buy the full range at
25/03/2219m 20s

On how to take the power out of comparison

The other day I shared a photo of my freezer drawer, and it sparked some thoughts on comparison! I share them in this episode and give you a hard fact on comparison that I hope will help.
21/03/229m 59s

One Thing with Sophie Ellis-Bextor on embracing selfishness

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats with the kitchen disco queen, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Sophie shares her advice to fellow mums to retain a little bit of themselves, just for themselves throughout their parenting journey. Sophie Ellis-Bextor is a mum of five (!), talented singer, lover of a kitchen disco, podcaster and now author of her auto biography Spinning Plates.You can follow Sophie on Instagram at @sophieellisbextor and buy tickets to her Kitchen Disco tour of 2022 here https://sophieellisbextor.netYou can also buy her book here
18/03/2216m 1s

On 5 ways to navigate war anxiety

This topic was highly requested. The war in Ukraine is prompting feelings of anxiety, helplessness, fear and uncertainty. I share 5 thoughts to help you navigate the emotions that may arise at this time.
14/03/2215m 9s

One Thing with Lillie Farrow on finding confidence in motherhood

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats with Lille Farrow, Lillie's one thing that she'd like to impart to other parents is to trust your gut and allow yourself to grow in confidence as a parent.Lillie is a talented chef, content creator and mum of three girls. You can take a look at her recipes here and follow her on Instagram at @lilandlife
11/03/2216m 40s

On what to do when you feel irritable

When I feel irritable, my first response has historically been frustration towards myself and self-criticism. Here's a new approach to try next time you feel that wave of irritability come over you.NEWS! To address this topic, I read you a section of my new book 'The Little Book of Calm for New Mums: Grounding words for the highs, the lows and the moments in between'I can't wait for you to have it in your hands, whether it's for you or a gift for a friend. You can preorder it here: about my book OUT MAY 26th 2022The Little Book of Calm for New Mums will share advice and support on issues that new mothers face, from A for Anger, to I for Insomnia, providing an empowering pep talk for those days when new mothers need it most.Psychotherapist and mother of three, Anna Mathur, will support readers through the rollercoaster of feelings that come with being a new mum and provide expert advice based on her own professional and personal experiences. Whether you need some quick grounding, a note of compassion, or you want to untangle a feeling, flick to a page for a quick, uplifting moment of much-needed support.
07/03/229m 55s

One Thing with Hannah Barrett on how to slow down in a busy world

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats with the queen of yoga, strength and happiness Hannah Barrett. Hannah shares her experience of burnout and the steps she took to live a slower, healthier and more fulfilled life.As well as being a busy mum, Hannah shares the incredible benefits of yoga with as many people as possible through her App, live classes, YouTube, Instagram, and my yoga-inspired e-guides and programmes. You can find out all about Hannah here and follow her on Instagram at @hannahbarrettyogaYou can also now purchase her brand new book, the Amazon #1 Bestseller, Yoga Happy, here
04/03/2218m 53s

On a powerful way to relieve stress and overwhelm

I share a tip that is really transforming the way I deal with stress and overwhelm. Find a way to change your relationship with stress, and lessen those motherhood outbursts that come in when we turn into a human pressure cookers!
28/02/2210m 33s

One Thing with Steph Douglas on focussing on family foundations

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats with Steph Douglas, Steph's one thing that she would like to impart to other parents is that having children puts a unique pressure on a marriage and shares her advice for focussing on family foundations. Steph Douglas founded thoughtful gift company Don’t Buy Her Flowers in 2014. Prior to running the business, Steph worked in Brand and Marketing and then started a blog, writing honestly about motherhood, relationships and trying to be a grown up while never feeling quite like she knew what she was doing. Posts included ‘When New Mums Get Angry’, ‘With this ring, I give you my dregs’’, and the postnatal ‘Pulling up the Drawbridge’ post that went viral with over 110k views to date. Steph recently launched The Don’t Buy Her Flowers podcast, an evolution of the blog, that enables Steph to find out how other people are coping. Or not. The idea for Don’t Buy Her Flowers came about when Steph received lots of well-meant bouquets after her first baby, but felt overwhelmed by them and wondered whether there was a more thoughtful gift that offered TLC and encouraged the recipient to take a bit of time for themselves. Seven years on DBHF now has 20+ employees, is in it’s second warehouse (a far cry from Steph packing on her bedroom floor for the first couple of years) and saw huge growth during the pandemic as people looked for thoughtful gifts, allowing them to invest in growth as well as, importantly, increase donations to long-term charity partners including Cancer Research UK and introduce some new ones too. Steph has three children under twelve, is married to Doug and loves naps, gin and re-watching films she’s seen a hundred times so it doesn’t require her brain. Follow Steph at @stephdontbuyherflowers and visit the Don't Buy Here Flowers website here
25/02/2219m 14s

On 5 ways to quickly lift your mood

Today I share 5 simple ways to lift your mood, for those moments you feel a bit 'meh'. These small things are all completely free and within grasp. So try them now, or store them away for a grey day.
21/02/2211m 17s

One Thing with Scummy Mummies on why you need a laugh

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats with Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn, aka the one and only Scummy Mummies!The comedic duo's one thing is all about the importance of having a laugh, particular when times are dark or challenging. The Scummy Mummies are a hit comedic duo now touring the UK with their live shows. They are also hilarious podcasters and authors. You can follow them on Instagram at @scummymummies and book tickets for their live show here
18/02/2222m 46s

On why you're doing better than you think

Our focus is often 'doing better' at parenting, or berating ourselves for missing the mark. But what a difference it can make when we start to recognise the moments reminding us how we're doing better than we give ourselves credit for.
14/02/2211m 7s

One Thing with Hollie De Cruz on carving your own path

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats with Hollie de Cruz..Hollie's one thing she'd like to impart to other parents is that when it comes to the process of birth, you always have options and you don't have to do what others do or what you're advised is the normal or best way of doing things. Hollie is a renowned pregnancy and birth educator, two-time author and podcaster. She is also a mother to two boys, Oscar (11) and Cosmo (3). Hollie’s new platform – Here/Hear – will be a place for expectant and seasoned mothers to learn, grow, and feel supported in coming home to themselves. You can stay up to date with the launch on Instagram at @weare_herehear, or follow Hollie at @theyesmummum.
11/02/2219m 49s

On why the loud parenting chaos feels stressful

Here's why the noise of parenting can sometimes have you wanting to run to a quiet corner! I share my experience and thoughts along with some amazing insight from my ear surgeon friend @earsurgeonjoe
07/02/2211m 39s

One Thing with Gi Fletcher on how to handle advice

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats with Giovanna Fletcher, Sunday Times No 1 Bestselling Author, Founder of Happy Mum Happy Baby and mum of three.Gi's one thing that she wants to impart to other parents is centred all around how mums can pick and choose what advice they decide to apply to their parenting. You can follow Giovanna on Instagram at @mrsgifletcher or @happymumhappybaby and browse her books here week Gi has also shared some BIG news! Happy Mum Happy Baby - The Big Get-Together, will be taking place on the 8 & 9th of July in the heart of the City at Old Billingsgate, London. The event will be delivering informative, entertaining, and supportive talks in a fun, relaxed environment from Giovanna Fletcher and friends, sharing first-hand experiences to honest conversations. Taking place across two days The Big Get-Together embodies the connection and conversation for all stages of the parenting journey from prenatal to toddlers, starting school to the ‘tweenage’ years’. Meditation, anxiety, sleep support to nutrition, behaviour, mealtimes, first aid and returning to work - no topic will be off limits. For more information and tickets visit happymumhappybaby.comAnd you may just recognise our Anna Mathur herself amongst the lineup of guest speakers!
04/02/2217m 26s

On boosting confidence and headspace

So many of us have those things that we just accept about ourselves. Perhaps it's guilt, or worry, or maybe it's the fact you lack confidence. In this episode, I encourage you to want to raise the bar for confidence, happiness and headspace. Plus I have some exciting news to share with you.All my resources and guides are now ONLY £12 at Thank you for ALL your support that has enabled me to do this
31/01/2210m 48s

One Thing with Holly Tucker on the power of pursuing your passions

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats with Holly Tucker MBE, founder of notonthehighstreet and Holly & Co and the UK Ambassador to Creative Small Businesses.Holly's one thing that she wants to impart to other parents is that enjoying and focusing on your career is not something that will damage your children. In fact it's quite the opposite.Holly believes that following your passion and building a business doing what you love is the key to a happy and fulfilled life. Through Holly & Co, a creative content company, Holly is working to positively influence this creative movement by redefining what it means to be a ‘small business’, encouraging more women to start their own businesses, as well as empowering our young with the skills to thrive when entering the new working world.Bringing colour and creativity to the business world, Holly seeks to advise and inspire anyone who is dreaming of starting or is already on their business journey through her podcast ‘Conversations of Inspiration’, events, a physical shop, and now, her business book, Do What You Love, Love What You Do, which is a Sunday Times Bestseller.Follow Holly on Instagram at @hollytucker and visit her website at www.holly.coBuy Holly's book here
28/01/2226m 2s

On rage. The motherhood taboo

Mums (including myself) have felt more rage these last couple of years than ever before. I share a rageful moment along with thoughts on what to do about it!
24/01/2211m 28s

One Thing with Zoe Clark-Coates on loss and grief

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats to Zoe Clark-Coates MBE, Grief Specialist, the author of 4 best selling books, three on grief and the latest on pregnancy after loss. She's also the CEO of The Mariposa Trust, which is widely known by its primary support division ‘’Zoe's one thing is naturally on the subject of grief and she discusses the fact that there is no time limit to it.To find out more about Zoe : Follow her on Instagram @zoadelle
21/01/2219m 27s

On the most life changing thing I've ever admitted

Being told 'you've got this' is sometimes exactly what I need. Yet some of the most life-changing moments have happened when I've proclaimed that I haven't 'got this' at all.
17/01/2210m 48s

One Thing with Rhiannon Lambert on the importance of loving your gut

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats to Rhiannon Webster, Nutritional Therapist, Podcaster, Mum and Author.Rhiannon's one thing she'd like to impart to other parents comes from her professional experience helping people eat and live well. Rhi advises us all to mix it up a bit when it comes to our meals. To find out more about Rhiannon: Visit her website at https://rhitrition.comFollow her on Instagram @rhitritionOrder her brand new The Science of Nutrition here
14/01/2214m 43s

On how to feel calmer

How can we be more accepting of what we can't control, and take more responsibility for what we can? I often say 'it is what it is', yet a conversation with my Mum gave me a totally different view on the phrase!
10/01/2210m 7s

One Thing with Clemmie Telford on a great tip for decision making

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats with Clemmie Telford.Clemmie's one thing she'd like to impart to other parents is if you let your upset/overwhelmed/confused mind settle, your course will become clear.To find out more about Clemmie:Visit her website at https://motherofalllists.comFollow her on Instagram @clemmietelfordOrder her book But Why? at
07/01/2216m 22s

On how to feel motivated

Do you struggle to feel motivated sometimes? You know what you need to do or want to do, but the challenge is actually doing it. I share a tip for motivation that transformed my week and beyond.
03/01/2210m 58s

One Thing with Illy Morrison on healing from trauma

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur interviews Illy MorrisonIlly's one thing she'd like to impart to other parents is not to compare your emotional responses to things, touching on birth trauma and shameTo find out more about Illy: Visit her website at https://mixingupmotherhood.comFollow her on Instagram @mixing.up.motherhoodPreorder her book The Birth Debrief at
31/12/2116m 14s

On how to be more patient

Patience isn't a virtue I was granted with, but it's such a vital parenting commodity! Here's how to find more of it for those moments you need it most.
27/12/2110m 45s

One Thing with Cat Sims on investing in your relationship

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur chats to Cat Sims. Cat's one thing she'd like to impart to other parents is that it’s common that when we have babies, our attention shifts entirely to them and our relationships suffer. Refocus on your relationship as the bedrock to your familyWe have marked this episode explicit due to topics discussed or language used.To find out more about Cat:Visit her website at https://www.notsosmugnow.comFollow her on Instagram @notsosmugnow
24/12/2117m 15s

On how to love our kids well

If you're constantly on the go, spending all of your energy organising life for those you love, have a listen to this one!
20/12/2110m 42s

One Thing with Alison Perry on the magic of hugs

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur interviews Alison Perry.Alison's one thing she'd like to impart to other parents is the magical power of hugs and how they transform those moments as a parent when you just don't know what to do or how to help.To find out more about Alison:Visit her website at https://notanothermummyblog.comFollow her on Instagram @iamalisonperryVisit her Facebook page her book OMG It's Twins at:
17/12/2116m 20s

On 5 ways to get rest when you can't

Rest is the antidote to overwhelm and stress. But how on earth can we get more of it when we're struggling with the juggle, or nights are broken by kids waking? I've got some ideas!
13/12/2111m 28s

One Thing with Victoria Emes on admitting it's hard

On this episode of The Therapy Edit's 'One thing', Anna Mathur interviews Victoria Emes.Victoria's one thing she'd like to impart to other parents involves chipping away at the shame and silence many feel around the conflicting and difficult emotions that come with parenting.Warning! This podcast can get a bit fruity at times so we'd recommend using headphones if there are any little ears listening in!To find out more about VictoriaVisit her website at her on Instagram @victoriaemesPreorder her book 'Welcome to Motherhood, Bitches: The real guide from pregnancy, birth and beyond' (out 17th February 2022) at
10/12/2114m 27s

On 5 ways to reduce stress this Christmas

If you feel your shoulders tensing with each opening of the advent calendar doors, you're not alone. Here are five things from my How to Have a Merry Imperfect Christmas guide that will help.You can buy the bitesize video guide from Four ten minute videos to reframe the way you feel about the festivities this year.
06/12/2112m 8s

On people-pleasing less and living more

If you exist at the bottom of the priority list, and find that 'yes' rolls off the tongue a little easily, this episode is for you!
29/11/2111m 2s

On something you need to know about self-care

Find self-care a tricky concept to grasp? I have a fresh approach, and I promise, there are no bubble baths in sight.
22/11/219m 38s

On how to feel more positive

I often think that gratitude should come with a small print, and here's why! Gratitude can shift moods, raise smiles and change lives, but what about all the other feelings that sit in its shadow?
15/11/219m 50s

On feeling less overwhelmed

Feeling burnt out and exhausted? Here's why you might be feeling a bit floored by life, plus some ways to refuel and regain some energy.
08/11/2112m 8s

On how to be better

Why do we so often have the feeling we need to be better? In this episode, I explore how the most therapeutic type of growth, is often an undoing.
29/05/2010m 6s

On feeling like an imposter

Ever felt like an imposter in your own life or feared being 'found out'? Here are my thoughts on why we feel this way, and what we can do to about it.
25/05/209m 43s

On how to feel good enough

So often we simply don't feel good enough. We feel like we miss the bar, we feel guilty and undeserving of good things in our lives. Here's why you may feel this way, and tips on what to do about it!
22/05/2010m 7s

On 5 tips for anxiety

We all experience anxiety to some extent. In fact, it's an inbuilt mechanism that's there to save our lives! But how can we take control of the thoughts that try so hard to take control of us?
18/05/2010m 13s

On thriving through change

What can we do to steady ourselves when all around us is changing? And what might we put in place to support ourselves in any times of change ahead?
15/05/209m 13s

On the thoughts we don't talk about

From thoughts of pushing over a stand of mugs in a gift shop, to imagining crashes on the motorway, intrusive thoughts are rarely discussed. We all get them, but do we know why? And what do we do about them?
11/05/2010m 22s

On feeling less guilty

We often carry guilt around for so much longer than we need to. It impacts our relationships with others and ourselves. Here's how to finally let yourself off the hook and let it go!
08/05/209m 53s

On tricks for increasing self-worth

A different view of self-care for you. What place does it have in our understanding of our worth? I tell you how you can re-prioritise this fundamental cornerstone of wellbeing even when you have no spare time.
04/05/209m 41s

On how to worry less about what others think

It's so common to worry about what others think about us. But exactly how much does this impact our lives and self-esteem? And what can we do about it?
01/05/2010m 16s

On why we like to be busy

We live to the buzz of constant noise, both Inside and outside of our minds. Here's a different insight into boredom as an antidote to stress and overwhelm.
27/04/209m 50s

On how to be happier

Is there a person in the world who wouldn't fancy a bit more happiness? Here's how to get more.
24/04/209m 41s

On feeling calmer in chaos

A technique to help you find more calmness and resilience when you're faced with change and challenge.
20/04/208m 18s

On dealing with challenging times

Thoughts on what to do when you go through challenging times. How do you deal with the moments you find yourself slipping into old ways of coping?
17/04/209m 55s

On comparing feelings

Someone will always have it harder, more challenging, sadder than you. But what happens when we compare our feelings and experiences?
13/04/209m 46s

On dealing with uncertainty

How to be calm in times of uncertainty. We are experiencing a period of great uncertainty at the moment. I share thoughts on how we can find our feet in this rocky time.
02/04/209m 47s
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