Fear Street is here for your souls... and RL Stine is here to say hi!

Fear Street is here for your souls... and RL Stine is here to say hi!

By Netflix

10/10 (Would Recommend)

Friday, 9 July

Originality is a rare beast nowadays, which is why we're super proud of the Fear Street trilogy, or should we say thrill-ogy!

Three incredible full-length feature horror films released weekly? Crazy right? Not only that but it has interweaved characters, plot-lines and oh... starts in 1994 and ends in 1666 and is written by a master of his craft - Goosebumps creator RL Stine.

He dropped by to speak to the ladies , who are so pathetic when it comes to horror, we got Alison Peirse, and actual academic expert in horror films to come and calm them down.

Then, to see how much they've been paying attention, Producer Jamie put them through their paces with a special quiz. Horror? Some of Tolly's answers will give you the heebeegeebies!

As well as ‘Fear Street’ the girls also recommended these titles, available to watch now:

Sweet ToothThe CraftSuspiriaThis is PopSex/Life

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