Sweet Tooth is the tonic we need - Star Adeel Akhtar explains why...

Sweet Tooth is the tonic we need - Star Adeel Akhtar explains why...

By Netflix

10/10 (Would Recommend)

Friday, 18 June

Sweet Tooth is one of the most charming series you'll watch this year. Telling the story of Gus, a hybrid boy/deer (bear with, yeah?) and his search for his mother in the midst of a catastrophic pandemic.

Exec produced by Sue Downey and her completely-unknown-unlikely-to-ever-amount-to-anything husband Robert Downey Jr,  it has captured the hearts of millions - hitting the number one slot worldwide.

Adeel Akhtar stars as Dr. Aditya Singh, but you will almost certainly already know him from one of the many shows lucky enough to have him, such as Killing Eve, Utopia, The Big Sick, Four Lions, The Night Manager and Back to Life. He is ubiquitous, brilliant and one of the nicest people we've ever had on the show.

Adeel is speaking from a hotel room in London - whilst Tolly and Gena managed to find a room together the other side of town (albeit one with a turbine-sized air-con blowing right next to them). The newly founded trio of BFFs also recommended these titles, available to watch now:

Master of NoneSisters on TrackPrivate Life

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