Secrets Of The Crown Season 4

Secrets Of The Crown Season 4

By Netflix

10/10 (Would Recommend)

Friday, 13 November

If there's one series to make 2020 feel almost worth it, it's got to be The Crown - and for a lot of us, THIS season is the one we've all been waiting for.

For its fourth outing, they've wheeled out the big guns - Lady Diana AND Margaret Thatcher? Netflix, now you're just spoiling us!

In the first of our 'The Crown' double, Tolly and Gena go behind the scenes to talk to Cate Hall - who has the most incredible job in the world - she's the person responsible for The Queen's wig AND Diana's lipstick.  It's a fascinating chat - you'll LOVE IT!

As well as The Crown, the shows discussed are :

Sister SisterGlow UpUnorthodoxInterior Design Masters

Each week join hosts and IRL friends Tolani Shoneye (of The Receipts podcast fame) and Gena-mour Barrett (who works for Netflix) as they discuss what they're watching, and what they think * you * should be watching. 

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