"Mariah Carey's started tweeting, it's definitely Christmas time."

"Mariah Carey's started tweeting, it's definitely Christmas time."

By Netflix

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Friday, 6 November

Think it's too early for Christmas? Well, you're dead wrong, because Queen Mimi has declared the holiday season OPEN! Let's face it, most of us can't wait to get this year out of the way and as we're going to be at home "quite a lot", there's no excuse to be a Scrooge in 2020.

Joining Tolly and Gena this week is Rich Hawkins, who is in charge of every Youtube video Netflix UK make - what a dream job! Not only is he extremely adept at sucking you into a video rabbit hole full of Easter eggs and BTS action, he's also incredibly entertaining company - as the girls found out!

Whetting your festive appetites are the following:

The Queens GambitStepmomBarbariansGrand ArmyJingle JangleThe Crown

Each week join hosts and IRL friends Tolani Shoneye (of The Receipts podcast fame) and Gena-mour Barrett (who works for Netflix) as they discuss what they're watching, and what they think * you * should be watching. 

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