673: Ken Croke | Undercover in an Outlaw Biker Gang Part One

673: Ken Croke | Undercover in an Outlaw Biker Gang Part One

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 24 May

Ken Croke is a retired ATF agent who worked undercover for years to bust numerous criminal organizations, and is the co-author of Riding with Evil: Taking Down the Notorious Pagan Motorcycle Gang. [This is part one of a two-part episode. Keep an eye out for part two later this week!]

What We Discuss with Ken Croke: What's the hardest part about keeping an undercover identity intact while under heavy scrutiny by some of the world's most paranoid and dangerous miscreants? How does the hierarchy of an outlaw biker gang work, and what does the process of becoming a trusted member entail? What does an undercover agent do to pass among criminals without actually committing crimes (or stepping outside the boundaries of what's been cleared in advance)? How do outlaw bikers really feel about the way their subculture is portrayed in popular media (e.g., Sons of Anarchy)? What did Ken's wife and kids do while he was undercover for two years? And much more...

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