E147: FBI’s Top Hostage Negotiator: The Art Of Negotiating To Get Whatever You Want: Chris Voss

E147: FBI’s Top Hostage Negotiator: The Art Of Negotiating To Get Whatever You Want: Chris Voss

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 30 May

Chris Voss is the former lead negotiator for the FBI, and the author of Never Split the Difference, a book about how to negotiate and how to get what you want from other people which has sold millions of copies worldwide. He has handled practically every high stakes crisis management scenario imaginable.

What is unique about Chris’ technique is he emphasises seeing negotiation and deal making as a partnership, not a battle of wills. You only get what you want if you make an effort to understand what the other people really wants, and help them to understand what you want to. Making deals isn’t possible without a base of human-to-human connection.

In this conversation Chris opens up about a number of different type of dynamics we have to negotiate in our daily lives, from romantic relationships to friendships. We also get the inside scoop on what it’s like to handle some of the toughest situations, from bank robberies to hostage crises, anyone can imagine. What he learnt is that managing relations with other people is really about trying to help them, and all of us can do with a little of the help Chris brings us in this conversation.


Early years Beginning of your career The nature of human behaviour in business negotiations The first hostage negotiation job Hostage negotiation role play How important is it to listen? Different tone of voices for negotiations “labelling their pain” The power of “thats right” Negotiations in romantic relationships Was there an instants where it didn’t go right for you? Mirroring technique Black-swan group The last guests question



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