S2 Ep81: Sister Cathy, Walking with Aletheia

S2 Ep81: Sister Cathy, Walking with Aletheia

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

Shane and Gemma are honored to host Jean Wehner, a key figure from the documentary "The Keepers," along with her brother. This episode offers a deep dive into Jean's newly published book, "Walking with Aletheia," a memoir that chronicles her journey of discovery, healing, and truth.

Jean Wehner, whose story of resilience and courage captivated audiences in "The Keepers," shares the essence of her book, providing listeners with an intimate look at her experiences, struggles, and triumphs. "Walking with Aletheia" is more than a memoir; it's a testament to the power of speaking one's truth and the transformative journey of healing from trauma. Jean discusses the process of writing her book, the challenges she faced in revisiting her past, and the liberation she found in narrating her own story.

Her brother joins the conversation, offering his perspective on Jean's journey and the impact of her revelations on their family. He provides insights into the supportive role of family in the healing process and the importance of solidarity when confronting past traumas.

Shane and Gemma navigate this profound dialogue with empathy and respect, exploring the themes of memory, truth, and the long road to recovery. The discussion also touches on the broader implications of Jean's story for survivors of abuse and the vital role of storytelling in the quest for justice and understanding.

Listeners are invited to delve into Jean's compelling narrative and find support in the community at itsfoulplay.com. This episode is not just an episode of a podcast; it's a journey alongside a remarkable individual who has transformed her personal tragedy into a beacon of hope and empowerment for others. Join us as we walk with Aletheia, embracing the courage to confront the past and the strength to forge a path towards healing and truth.

Visit Jean's Website: jeanwehnercoach.com Find Jean's Books: https://jeanwehnercoach.com/books/

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