697: Peter Santenello | Inspecting Perspectives the Media Neglects

697: Peter Santenello | Inspecting Perspectives the Media Neglects

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 12 July

Peter Santenello (@petersantenello) is a videomaker, traveler, and entrepreneur whose videos shine a light on the world the media fails to capture -- without political polarization.

What We Discuss with Peter Santenello: Why Ukraine was an ideal base of operations for Peter's immersive, culture-hopping videos -- and what made him move to the US just before Russia decided to invade. For all the problems the US faces on the home front, what do Americans take for granted that people from other countries notice and appreciate right away? What video equipment does Peter use to stay as mobile (and non-threatening) as possible while maintaining fairly professional quality? As an American, how does Peter navigate travel in countries with governments that have a less-than-friendly relationship with the United States? What does Peter do to ensure he doesn't cross any boundaries when interviewing people whose cultures and experiences differ radically from his own -- while keeping his videos interesting for fellow outsiders? And much more...

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