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Episode 131 | The Art of Saying Goodbye

Episode 131 | The Art of Saying Goodbye

By Out Of Home Podcast

In this week’s episode, Steven and Kwame record in Amsterdam and France, Kie holds things down in LDN while Yaf misses out due to catching ANOTHER flight! 

- The group touch on where the stand on the best performer debate and bring up Beyonce, MJ and Chris Brown! (03:52)

- Weekly What Made You Smile segment - sharing the positive vibes of the week just gone (16:00)

- Kwame brings up the topic of sentimentality when it comes to big goodbyes and asks the group how they feel about send-offs (29:41)

- Wrapping up an emotional and heartfelt convo, the lads talk about ghosting - what leads to it, how it feels to be on the receiving end and when it’s needed (49:05)

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