Embracing our more authentic selves after an ADHD diagnosis

Embracing our more authentic selves after an ADHD diagnosis

By Kate Moryoussef

"You have to have a fulfilling life and learn to be more authentic instead of pretending, trying to please everyone and being embarrassed."

This week, Kate talks with esteemed psychotherapist Sari Solden. Sari has been a pioneer in counselling women and men with the strengths and struggles of ADHD for over thirty years. 

She is also the author of three popular and groundbreaking books on the subject. These include Women with Attention Deficit Disorder, Journeys Through ADDulthood, and a Radical Guide for Women with ADHD, which she co-authored. 

Sari's areas of specialisation include the emotional consequences of women’s executive function challenges, inattentive ADHD, and the healing process for adults who grew up with undiagnosed ADHD. Sari currently focuses on supporting and mentoring neurodiverse women mental health professionals.

During the episode, Kate and Sari spoke about: 

Taking on subliminal “she” messages that affect your view of yourself. Busting myths about how ADHD presents in women How to deal with compounding ADHD co-morbidities Unravelling and rediscovering yourself after an ADHD diagnosis Becoming our more authentic selves after a diagnosisClaiming space and trusting your voice after a diagnosisThe complex layers that come with ADHDShame behind the unknown of undiagnosed ADHDThe generational and gender role shifts that are changing how women see their neurodiversityCreating systems to help our ADHD brains and bringing in more radical acceptance Choosing how you want to show up, not being defined by our neurodiversity and recognising your core selfThe power of our ADHD awareness to better deal with it day to day 

You can connect with Sari and download her audio books via her website, www.sarisolden.com and on Facebook.

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