How hormones can directly impact our ADHD

How hormones can directly impact our ADHD

By Kate Moryoussef

Have you noticed how your ADHD can ebb and flow throughout the month depending on where you are in your cycle, impacting your mood, focus, sleep and energy?

Today's conversation will empower you to understand why and, importantly, how you can help yourself and feel more in control of both your ADHD and hormones throughout the month.

This week’s Kate chats with Adele Wimsett, a Women's Health Practitioner & Cyclical Living Expert diagnosed with combined type ADHD. 

Having co-authored the book Essential Feminine Wisdom, she is passionate about educating women & girls on how to harness the power of their cyclical nature. Adele bridges the woo & the science, supporting women to balance their hormones naturally and is passionate about speaking on all things menstrual education!

During this episode, Kate and Adele speak about:

How the female ADHD brain is affected by hormonesThe different stages of our cycle and the feelings and emotions that often arise on different daysHow to advocate for yourself with ADHD and hormone supportWhy tracking your cycle is important How working with the moon can help create more awareness in the cycle How can we look after ourselves in the different cyclic phases to help our ADHDOvulation and ADHD Progesterone sensitivityRecognising all the unknowns regarding hormones and ADHDHRT, peri-menopause and ADHD - what we need to know Memory and ADHD traits that flare up during our hormonal changesEssential oils to work with your cycle

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Kate Moryoussef is a women’s ADHD Lifestyle & Wellbeing coach and EFT practitioner helping overwhelmed yet unfulfilled (many with ADHD like her) women find more calm, balance, health, compassion, creativity and clarity in their lives. 

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