Ruuby founder Venetia Archer on exercising fearlessness

Ruuby founder Venetia Archer on exercising fearlessness

By The Times

Scarlett Russell chats to Venetia Archer, founder of Ruuby, the app for booking luxury beauty treatments where therapists come to you. That’s anything from a massage to a manicure in the comfort of your own home, via the click on a button.


Venetia launched Ruuby in 2016 and now, 6 years on, customers have booked over 200,000 appointments through the app and Ruuby has raised £2.5 million from backers including the former CEO of Bulgari.


Venetia talks about how she overcame teething issues in the early days of setting up her business, why it’s important to keep an open dialogue with customers and she shares her advice on how to conquer decision fatigue.


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