5 foods I got wrong - Tim Spector

5 foods I got wrong - Tim Spector


Where were you in 2015? President Obama was in the White House, The UK was a member of the European Union, and you couldn’t escape Bruno Mars's global smash: Uptown Funk. More importantly, 2015 marked the release of Tim Spector’s first book: The Diet Myth.

If you think the world has felt different since 2015, wait until you hear about the advances in nutritional science. Since then, Tim has had a chance to rethink his position on dietary staples like bread, milk, ultra-processed foods and more. 

He’s put everything he’s learnt into his new book Food for Life: The New Science of Eating Well. 

In this episode, Tim speaks with Jonathan about what he got right, where he went wrong, and what the future holds for the world of nutrition. 

Tim Spector is a co-founder at ZOE and one of the world's top 100 most cited scientists.

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00:00 - Intro

00:10 - Topic introduction

02:33 - Quickfire questions

03:19 - Has Tim changed his opinion on anything while writing his new book?

03:55 - Tim’s new book: Food for Life

05:41 - Today’s topic: 5 foods Tim got wrong

06:55 - #1: Bread

10:16 - What has Tim’s opinion changed about bread?

12:23 - #2: Personalization

15:15 - How has Tim’s breakfast changed?

22:05 - #3: Milk

25:04 - Skim milk vs whole milk

27:48 - What kind of milk does Tim have?

29:43 - #4: Mushrooms

32:37 - #5: Ultra-processed foods

40:30 - Summary

42:17 - Will Tim write another book?

42:49 - Goodbyes

42:53 - Outro

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