Being  Curious and Leaning In with Steven Bartlett

Being Curious and Leaning In with Steven Bartlett

By Nick James

Steven Bartlett entrepreneur, investor, speaker  and host of one of the biggest podcasts ‘The Diary of a CEO’ is talking with Nick about the importance of compounding the one 

percent and how to manage your expectations and choose happiness every day

He also discusses what it takes to make his podcast and shares great content on what makes a difference and why he will always be curious and lean in to change



We attribute value in the context that we see it. Anything you have is a direct consequence of your actions The belief you have in yourself is evidence-based, whether that evidence is wrong or right Its taking one step at a time out of your comfort zone Obsessing about the details and the one percent is what really matters We go in search of the big thing, that can be hard to find, but there are a hundred small things you can work on and control The key to a call to action is to say something that people haven’t heard before Salespeople are always trying to avoid transparency it’s become the most effective way to sell It's managing your expectations in life, regardless of external circumstances so that you can choose happiness every day The people who resist the temptation of having a label, so that society understands them are some of the happiest The tectonic plates of business will continue to change and there will be those who lean in and those who lean out If you want to be a master on social media be consistent and look at every metric



‘Everything I’ve ever done in life is super slow then super-fast’

‘You have to believe in trajectory and compounding returns that you cannot see’

‘If you can manage your expectations you can manage your happiness’



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Nick James

Nick dropped out of university at the age of 21 and failed spectacularly with his first coaching business, which forced him to take a £16k/yr telesales job.

Within 12 months he was the top performer and left to start his second business at 24. This time he discovered a winning formula and before long had a multi-six-figure company.

He then made a huge mistake which nearly put him out of business and cost him £50,000 in personal cash!

Fortunately, Nick kept it afloat, turned it around, and sold that business 2 years later in a seven-figure deal.

He then co-founded a multi-million-pound marketing company, which he exited in 2015, and created Expert Empires.

Today, Expert Empires is known as the UK's number one business event for Experts, with world-renowned celebrity speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Chalene Johnson, David Goggins, and Lewis Howes gracing the stage.


Nick also specialises in helping Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers, and Authors take their businesses from zero to seven figures and beyond through his Expert Empires Mastermind programme.


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