3 meals a day VS little and often - The Big IF Dailies

3 meals a day VS little and often - The Big IF Dailies


Can you make it from lunch to dinner without a snack? Tradition tells us that three meals a day is the right way to eat, but times have changed, and many of us now choose to eat little and often. The debate continues as to which is better. 

Today, we discuss new data that could settle this once and for all.

In this daily episode of ZOE Science & Nutrition, Jonathan is joined by Dr Sarah Berry to answer the question: should we eat little and often or 3 meals a day?

This episode is part of a limited series to celebrate the launch of The Big IF Study: The world’s biggest clinical study to discover how intermittent fasting affects our mood, energy and hunger levels.  Want to know if intermittent fasting can work for you? 

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