745: Dave Farina | Debunking Junk Science Myths

745: Dave Farina | Debunking Junk Science Myths

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 1 November

Dave Farina (@daveexplains) is on a mission to make science make sense for everyone — whether it's through his Professor Dave Explains YouTube channel, his Professor Dave Debates podcast, or his new book, Is This Wi-Fi Organic?: A Guide to Spotting Misleading Science Online (Science Myths Debunked).

What We Discuss with Dave Farina: How the Internet went from a promising reservoir of unlimited knowledge for all to an insidious superspreader of disinformation. Why it's easier than ever for people to simply deny inconvenient facts that don't support their worldview. How NASA went from the revered public institution that miraculously landed human beings on the moon to the scapegoat for conspiracy theorists who insist the Earth is flat. Why synthetic doesn't always equate with bad, and natural doesn't automatically mean good. Who profits from the proliferation of fake science, and what can we do to separate the wheat from the chaff when we're bombarded with copious amounts of fact and fiction? And much more...

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