755: Dr. Sohom Das | Rehabilitating the Criminally Insane

755: Dr. Sohom Das | Rehabilitating the Criminally Insane

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Thursday, 24 November

Dr. Sohom Das (@dr_s_das) is a consultant forensic psychiatrist who works in prisons and criminal courts to assess and rehabilitate mentally ill offenders. He is the author of In Two Minds: Stories of Murder, Justice, and Recovery From a Forensic Psychiatrist.

What We Discuss with Dr. Sohom Das: Telling the difference between someone whose treatable madness is causing them to act out and someone whose irredeemable, criminal badness makes them a permanent danger to society. Over 97% of the mentally ill defendants with whom Sohom works experienced trauma in childhood. Comparing and contrasting psychopaths and sociopaths. How can a psychiatrist determine whether someone in custody is mentally ill or just faking it (and has Sohom ever been fooled)? What precautions does Sohom take for his own safety when working in close quarters with mad or bad people who mean him harm? And much more...

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