Golden ADHD takeaways from learning with Dr Ned Hallowell

Golden ADHD takeaways from learning with Dr Ned Hallowell

By Kate Moryoussef

In today's episode, Kate shares a workshop which covers some of Dr Hallowell's most tangible advice from a week-long course back in August.

Topics that are covered in the episode include:

Stimulating the Cerebellum and how enhancing our balance can help ADHD - zingperformance.comChoosing our cheerleaders and curating an environment that works for us.Connecting with likeminded people and being discerning with our lifestyleNever worrying alone and reducing the internalising Connection and understanding are pivotal for ADHDOur curiosity, resilience and tenacityFinding your "right difficult"How to push yourself in the right way Reframing how we look at ourselves so we can harness our strengthsOur tendency to go inwardsThe importance of Dr Hallowell's insights re the TPN (task-positive network) and DMN (default mode network) in ADHDHow EFT directly impacts and re-moulds our DMN

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Kate Moryoussef is a women’s ADHD Lifestyle & Wellbeing coach and EFT practitioner helping overwhelmed yet unfulfilled (many with ADHD like her) women find more calm, balance, health, compassion, creativity and clarity in their lives. 

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