Understanding our genes to support our ADHD

Understanding our genes to support our ADHD

By Kate Moryoussef

Are you curious about your genes and how they interplay with your ADHD? If so, this week's episode is going to be of interest!

This week’s guest is Kelly Rompel. Kelly is a pharmacist, author, and Functional Medicine and Epigenetic Consultant. She is the author of, “Don’t Tell Me To Relax”, host of the Rebel Whitecoat Podcast, and founder of Wildroots Wellness.

Kelly's holistic approach combines pharmacy and science knowledge with her love for functional medicine, epigenetics, and energy healing.

During this week's episode, Kate and Kelly speak about: 

How epigenetics can play into your ADHDGenetic testing and ADHDFunctional lab results that correlate with ADHDFoods and supplements you can incorporate to manage ADHDThe food and toxins we need to be aware of to support ourselvesCleaner living to help detox our bodiesFussy eating and ADHDBlood sugar level management Helping our anxiety through diet change and lifestyle Increasing GABA and serotonin levelsTop supplements for ADHDTaking a holistic and well-rounded approach to your healthHow Kelly came to learn about epigenetics

Kelly mentions these two offers in the podcast:

1. “What’s Worsening Your ADHD Symptoms Quiz for your show notes: https://kelly-rompel.mykajabi.com/adhd-quiz

2. “Beyond Dopamine” Masterclass for Boosting Mood, Focus, and Energy Naturally FREE with coupon code ADHD: https://www.wildrootsgenetics.com/offers/TzJWoGQZ

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Kate Moryoussef is a women’s ADHD Lifestyle & Wellbeing coach and EFT practitioner helping overwhelmed yet unfulfilled (many with ADHD like her) women find more calm, balance, health, compassion, creativity and clarity in their lives. 

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