The future is here: AI and personalized healthcare with Eric Topol

The future is here: AI and personalized healthcare with Eric Topol


If you were to ask Siri, Alexa, or ChatGPT for medical advice right now, that would be a terrible idea. 

But with recent developments in technology, this looks set to change. AI has become more intelligent, wearable devices - more accurate, and personalized medicine - increasingly mainstream.

But is any of this safe? Should we really trust machines with our health? And will any of this actually happen?

In today’s episode, Jonathan speaks to Eric Topol to explore how artificial intelligence may transform your next trip to the doctor.

Eric Topol is one of the top 10 most-cited researchers in medicine, the author of 3 bestselling books on the future of medicine, and a practising cardiologist.

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If Timecodes:

00:00 - Introduction

00:11 - Topic introduction

01:53 - Quickfire questions

04:17 - Doctor-patient relationship

05:49 - Jonathan’s story with Eric 

08:02 - How has medicine changed?

13:54 - Is there an optimistic future for medicine, utilising AI?

17:46 - How close are we to utilizing AI-based solutions in medicine?

23:09 - Self-diagnosis and preventative care

27:05 - Is prevention possible through AI?

32:33 - Personalized healthcare

41:51 - Summary

43:45 - Goodbyes

44:01 - Outro

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