Activating the cerebellum to increase our mental capacity

Activating the cerebellum to increase our mental capacity

By Kate Moryoussef

Did you know that we can create new neural pathways using neuroplasticity by activating a part of the brain called the cerebellum? By enhancing this part of our brain - over the pre-frontal cortex - we can ease and lessen our ADHD symptoms and create a more effortless daily life.

This week's guest is Wynford Dore, an entrepreneur on a mission to change the lives of one million children. Wynford is the founder of Zing Brain Development programmes, the owner of Arnold Lodge School and also formed Educational Development International plc.

For the last 20 years Wynford has focused on changing the world, one brain at a time. He's funded many research projects and now works with the leading academics to determine the best solutions that successfully accelerate and develop learning in the brain - which finds our hidden potential and increases mental capacity…. including creating greater, stronger emotional regulation.

During today's conversation, Kate and Wynford talked about:

Wynford's personal story about his daughterWhat is the cerebellum and why is it so important to neurodivergenceHow can we stimulate and activate the cerebellumStepping out of our thinking brain, the pre-frontal cortex and executive thinking and using the cerebellum moreCreating new neural pathways and plasticity to enhance the cerebellumWynford's Zing programme to help people activate their cerebellumActivities and ways to help activate the cerebellum

You can find Wynford on Instagram at @zingperformance and access his FREE anxiety resources here or take the ADHD assessment here.

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