Unpacking an ADHD diagnosis during deep grief

Unpacking an ADHD diagnosis during deep grief

By Kate Moryoussef

Digesting a late-in-life ADHD diagnosis can feel overwhelming and sad, yet this week's guest was also processing grief after losing her husband.

Today's guest is Stacey Heale, a freelance writer, soon-to-be author, academic and curator who explores the topic of grief and how we deal with it. Stacey had a late-stage ADHD diagnosis at 42, just after her husband died, and was in deep grief.

During this week's conversation, Stacey and Kate talk about:

Stacey's story about losing her late husband to bowel cancerDealing with grief Stacey's ADHD realisation whilst deep in griefStacey's ADHD diagnosis process Unpacking life after an ADHD diagnosis while grieving Putting the pieces together post-diagnosis The reality of marriage and the loss of a partner Dealing all the admin post-death with ADHD Stacey's new book - all that we don't talk about

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