All you need to know about an ADHD Assessment, Diagnosis, Medication and Titration

All you need to know about an ADHD Assessment, Diagnosis, Medication and Titration

By Kate Moryoussef

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In today's bonus episode and after the BBC's Panorama ADHD clinics programme this week, I wanted to share as much practical and up-to-date information from Vicki George, a clinical specialist nurse, independent nurse prescriber and founder of The ADHD Nurse.

Who can diagnose ADHD?How Vicki works as an ADHD clinical and prescriber nurseThe ADHD diagnosis process and the frustration with the NHS waiting listsWhat happens to us with medication and titration after an ADHDThe referral and assessment processGaslighting ourselves with ADHDFears around medication The support we can access from the NHS and privatelyRed flags to look out for if we're questioning an ADHD diagnosis.

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I liked this response from The ADHD Foundation further to the BBC documentary if you're looking for more help.

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