#345: The Power of Play with Talia Fillipelli LCSW, CHHC, CPT

#345: The Power of Play with Talia Fillipelli LCSW, CHHC, CPT

By Erin Royer, MA Clinical Psychology, Child Development Specialist

In today's episode, Erin and Talia discuss the power of play and its critical role in child development along with some great strategies to increase play for ALL children!

Talia, known for her solution-focused approach and practical strategies, is an ambassador for The Genius of Play - a national movement spearheaded by The Toy Association to raise awareness about play’s critical role in child development and encourage more play in children’s lives. Visit www.thegeniusofplay.org for play ideas, expert advice and more play-inspired resources for families and educators.Talia is also a contributing mental health expert for numerous media outlets including CNN and CBS, an 8-time winner of NJ Family Magazine's Top Docs Awards, and a certified holistic health coach and personal trainer. Talia can be found on Instagram at @taliastarr_therapy

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