447. Unlocking the Psychedelic Puzzle: Serotonin, Ketamine, and the Future of Mental Health with Dr. Dave Rabin, PhD

447. Unlocking the Psychedelic Puzzle: Serotonin, Ketamine, and the Future of Mental Health with Dr. Dave Rabin, PhD

By Commune

Dr. Dave Rabin is at the forefront of psychedelic healthcare. In this episode we unravel the misconceptions surrounding serotonin and its relationship to depression, highlighting studies that suggest psychedelic-assisted-therapy may provide long-term healing and possibly a cure for some mental illnesses. Learn why ketamine is found to increase neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, and the formation of new connections between neurons, which are believed to contribute to its therapeutic potential.

In this episode we cover:
0:05:01 – Mental Disorders
0:12:39 – Is Mental Illness Genetic?
0:14:36 – Epigenetics
0:15:57 – Trauma
0:19:46 – Transgenerational Epigenetics
0:28:45 – Exposure Therapy
0:32:19 – Is Mental Illness a Biochemical Imbalance?
0:33:45 – Serotonin
0:49:00 – How Effective Are SSRIs?
0:53:49 – Psychedelic Medicine
0:57:34 – Neuro-Catalytic Agents
1:10:38 – Neuroplasticity
1:16:29 – Newness as Threat
1:24:41 – Meditation
1:30:21 – Ketamine-Assisted Therapy
2:04:38 – Methods of Ketamine Delivery
2:15:40 – Contraindicators
2:18:06 – Clinical Research
2:21:59 – Cost

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