438. Eat Algae to Feel Better with Catharine Arnston

438. Eat Algae to Feel Better with Catharine Arnston

By Commune

Catherine Arnston is the founder of ENERGYbits plant-based tablets, who has a contagious passion for Algae. We explore how it was among the first lifeforms on Earth, paving the way for our existence, and is one of the most nutrient-dense foods available. You’ll learn how adding algae to your diet can transform your health.

In this episode we cover:
0:04:23 – What is Algae
0:06:01 – Spirulina
0:20:40 – Amino Acids
0:24:33 – Omega-3's
0:33:14 – Environmental Sustainability
0:34:47 – Carbon Sequestration
0:36:17 – Chlorella
0:42:39 – Glyphosate
0:43:38 – Glutathione
0:50:50 – Mitochondria
1:00:25 – Free Radicals
1:03:24 – Antioxidants
1:16:47 – Energy Bits

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