436. Metabolism and Ketones Explained with Latt Mansor, Ph.D.

436. Metabolism and Ketones Explained with Latt Mansor, Ph.D.

By Commune

In today’s interview we go deep into the topic of metabolism with Latt Mansor, Ph.D. We explore the principal hormones related to metabolism, the relationship between Alzheimer’s and insulin resistance, and the mechanism and protocol of the ketogenic diet. You’ll learn why ketones are the body’s preferred fuel, and how you can supplement to enhance your performance and learning.

In this episode we cover:
0:10:23 – Definition of Metabolism
0:11:21 – Metabolic Flexibility
0:15:49 – Insulin
0:21:09 – Glucose
0:24:42 – Triglycerides
0:28:07 – Mitochondria
0:29:09 – Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
0:31:37 – Low Glucose States
0:36:33 – Lipolysis
0:39:09 – Ketones
0:51:17 – Longevity
0:58:49 – Alzheimer's
1:04:11 – Exogenous ketones
1:09:56 – Ketone-IQ

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