427. Healing Through Food and Conscious Capitalism with Neka Pasquale

427. Healing Through Food and Conscious Capitalism with Neka Pasquale

By Commune

When her private practice in Chinese medicine and acupuncture showed that food was the best medicine for treating pre-diabetes and chronic inflammatory disease, Neka Pasquale founded Urban Remedy – a certified B-corporation – to make healthy eating more accessible. In this episode Neka talks about how she scaled her business in alignment with her principles and which ingredients she uses to heal herself and others

In this episode we cover:
0:04:02 – Neka's Background
0:10:34 – Chinese Medicine
0:16:08 – Herbs
0:21:21 – Inflammatory Foods
0:23:14 – Organic Certifications
0:29:00 – GMO Foods
0:36:16 – Meat
0:44:56 – Anti-Inflammatory Foods
0:50:49 – B-Corp Certification
1:00:40 – Scaling and Preserving Principles
1:15:41 – Challenges
1:12:38 – Urban Remedy
1:28:52 – Sweeteners

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