414. All the Colors of Your Fat with Dr. William Li

414. All the Colors of Your Fat with Dr. William Li

By Commune

What is body fat good for? Quite a lot actually — though its function depends on its color and location in your body. In this episode Dr. William Li, physician, scientist, and bestselling author, shares the research that is making us rethink human metabolism, as well as what you can do to heal your own metabolism.

In this episode we cover:
0:04:57 – Types of Body Fat
0:08:10 – Metabolism
0:10:05 – Body Fat Beginnings
0:17:01 – Excess Fat
0:21:38 – Insulin Resistance
0:25:38 – Immunity
0:28:09 – Brown Fat
0:28:56 – White Fat
0:31:54 – Visceral Fat
0:39:16 – Discovery of Brown Fat
0:58:50 – New Science of Metabolism

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