405. Secrets to a Long, Healthy Life with Dr. Mark Hyman

405. Secrets to a Long, Healthy Life with Dr. Mark Hyman

By Commune

What if you could cure yourself of aging? In this episode Dr. Mark Hyman, a leader in the field of Functional Medicine, overturns the paradigm of “the long, gradual decline,” empowering you to optimize your body for long-term wellbeing through diet and lifestyle strategies — and, if you choose, cutting-edge therapies.

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In this episode we cover:
0:06:42 – Healthspan vs Lifespan
0:11:15 – Chronic Diseases
0:15:15 – Hallmarks of Aging
0:18:56 – Pathways of Longevity
0:28:00 – Love and Longevity
0:41:10 – Protocols for Longevity
1:08:17 – Pursuit of Healthspan

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