403. Update Your Brain with Dave Asprey

403. Update Your Brain with Dave Asprey

By Commune

Ever wish you could update your brain for better performance? In this episode Dave Asprey, “The Father of Biohacking,” shares how to work smarter, not harder, to achieve better results — and feel better while doing it.

To pre-order the book visit https://daveasprey.com/

In this episode we cover:
0:07:26 – The MeatOS
0:10:05 – Biohacking
0:12:30 – The Laziness Principle
0:24:15 – The Five Big Buckets
0:33:15 – Upgrading the MeatOS
0:51:04 – Upgrade Labs
1:00:55 – Breathwork
1:12:41 – Adversity Mimetics
1:40:18 – The Quantified Self
1:44:49 – Objective and Subjective Measures
1:46:50 – Focus and Equanimity

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