401. Mitochondria, Muscle Strength, and Pomegranates with Chris Rinsch

401. Mitochondria, Muscle Strength, and Pomegranates with Chris Rinsch

By Commune

Today’s episode might have you looking at pomegranates differently. Chris Rinsch, PhD, helps us understand the connection between mitochondrial health and endurance and shares how compounds sourced from pomegranates can improve muscle function.

In this episode we cover:
0:04:46 – What are Mitochondria?
0:12:18 – Roles of Mitochondria
0:13:27 – Free Radicals
0:18:51 – Antioxidants
0:21:07 – History of Mitochondria
0:24:57 – Mitochondrial Dysfunction
0:30:32 – Sarcopenia
0:41:22 – Factors of Mitochondrial Dysfunction
0:43:27 – Sleep
0:44:44 – Insulin Resistance
0:47:34 – Foods
1:01:13 – Mitopure
1:20:27 – Effects

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