390. A Unified Theory of Mental Illness with Dr. Chris Palmer

390. A Unified Theory of Mental Illness with Dr. Chris Palmer

By Commune

Are mental disorders actually metabolic disorders of the brain? Psychiatrist and Harvard professor Dr. Chris Palmer helps us understand the connection between mental health and physical health and shares how his take on the ketogenic diet can treat mental health issues through healing metabolism.

In this episode we cover:
0:03:51 – Unified Theory of Mental Illness
0:12:36 – Taxonomy of Mental Disorders
0:14:17 – Statistics
0:16:30 – Comorbidities
0:22:57 – Causes
0:26:31 – Treatment-Resistant Disorders
0:28:01 – Genes
0:34:21 – Epigenetics
0:44:06 – Mitochondria
0:49:31 – Metabolic Disorders of the Brain
0:51:01 – Mind Body Connection
0:54:26 – Hormones
1:06:10 – Compromised Metabolism
1:10:07 – Ketogenic Diet
1:18:49 – Processed Foods
1:26:58 – Gut Health
1:29:52 – Autophagy
1:35:08 – Intermittent Fasting

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