380. The Life and Legacy of Ram Dass with Raghu Markus

380. The Life and Legacy of Ram Dass with Raghu Markus

By Commune

Ram Dass was a pivotal influence on spirituality in the West, spreading a powerful message of love and urging us to “Be Here Now.” In this episode, Jeff talks with Raghu Markus, co-founder of the Be Here Now Network, to discuss Ram Dass’ life and legacy – from his beginnings as a Harvard psychotherapist to his adventures in psychedelics to his teachings that continue to inspire people today.

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In this episode we cover:
0:06:54 – First Introduction to Ram Dass
0:10:54 – Music and Mantras
0:14:00 – Herbie Hancock
0:17:13 – Kicked out of Harvard
0:21:03 – Here and Now Podcast
0:23:02 – Psychedelics
0:30:29 – Psychology
0:35:20 – Meditation
0:39:18 – Neem Karoli Baba
0:45:27 – Allen Ginsberg
0:53:47 – Wisdom
0:55:36 – Love
0:56:30 – Yoga
0:58:12 – Hippies
1:05:30 – Zen
1:10:43 – Craving
1:12:31 – Faith
1:13:48 – Science
1:26:00 – Parenthood
1:27:54 – Trust
1:29:41 – Pause, Breathe, Be Here Now

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