368. Intuitive Eating and Fasting with Dr. Will Cole

368. Intuitive Eating and Fasting with Dr. Will Cole

By Commune

Would you like to give your metabolism the equivalent of a yoga class? According to Dr. Will Cole, fasting and a ketogenic diet are ways to increase metabolic flexibility, which is the ability of your body to adapt to either a fed or fasted state. In this episode, Dr. Will shares his non-dogmatic, mindful approach to diet and lifestyle that can get you off the blood sugar rollercoaster for good.

In this episode we cover:
0:06:44 – Functional Medicine
0:07:39 – Wearables
0:13:42 – Keto
0:14:20 – Fasting
0:15:22 – Metabolic Flexibility
0:21:54 – Intuitive Eating
0:26:38 – Microbiome
0:29:58 – Autoimmunity
0:38:34 – Toxins
0:41:05 – Macros
0:45:23 – Trans Fats
0:50:02 – Mindful Eating
0:56:14 – Longevity
0:58:59 – Spiritual Dimension to Fasting
1:02:01 – Scarcity
1:03:30 – Health Span
1:10:58 – Biomarkers
1:16:26 – Gut Feelings

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