365. Making the Impossible, Possible with Charlie Engle

365. Making the Impossible, Possible with Charlie Engle

By Commune

Crack-addict turned ultra-endurance athlete Charlie Engle knows a thing or two about overcoming long odds. In this episode he shares his story of extreme resilience – which includes running across the Sahara Desert – and how suffering can lead to extraordinary growth.

In this episode we cover:
0:09:43 – Bio
0:15:58 – Alcohol Abuse
0:23:49 – Addiction
0:33:08 – Numbing Out
0:42:00 – Leading by Example
0:45:11 – Process is the Product
0:54:35 – Impossible Becomes Possible
1:00:18 – Spirituality
1:04:08 – Running
1:04:03 – Recovery
1:11:23 – The Sahara
1:22:04 – Prison
1:27:14 – Giving
1:30:58 – Freedom to Respond
1:36:54 – Peace
1:39:35 – Treatment Options

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