359. The Younger You Method with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

359. The Younger You Method with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

By Commune

Your destiny is not determined by your genes, but rather how you express your genes. In her second interview on the Commune Podcast, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald goes deep into the mechanisms of epigenetics and offers research-backed advice on how to use diet and lifestyle inputs to activate (or turn off) the genes associated with optimal wellness.

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In this episode we cover:
0:07:25 – Epinutrition
0:09:09 – Genome
0:09:52 – Epigenome
0:10:34 – Epigenetics
0:15:53 – Methylation
0:18:19 – Hypermethylation
0:22:57 – Hypomethylation
0:23:35 – Optimal Methylation
0:26:28 – Epinutrition Continued
0:27:30 – Methyl Donors
0:32:40 – Methylation Adaptogens
0:33:14 – Polyphenols
0:37:44 – BRCA Genes
0:40:43 – Genetic Agency
0:45:30 – Quercetin
0:47:39 – Glutathione
0:50:32 – Glycine and Glyphosate
0:51:53 – Soy
0:59:39 – Epigenetic Inheritance Phenomena
1:03:00 – Biological Embedding Phenomena
1:13:00 – Resilience
1:16:33 – Adversity Mimetics
1:19:20 – Post-Traumatic Resilience
1:20:59 – Post-Traumatic Growth
1:21:37 – Oxytocin
1:24:17 – Epinutrient Superstars
1:32:41 – Epigenetic Testing
1:37:01 – Health Span

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