How to support your partner after an ADHD diagnosis

How to support your partner after an ADHD diagnosis

By Kate Moryoussef

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Have you recently been diagnosed with ADHD and would like your partner to understand more about the condition and support you on this new path?

If so, today's guest, Ryan Ridgway, a motivational speaker, trainer and member of Hummingbird, talks about his partner's recent ADHD diagnosis and how it affects their relationship and family life. He opens up about his own mental health struggles and how this has helped him understand what she is also going through. This is the conversation to share if you'd like your partner to understand the daily impact of ADHD and how to help each other through those more difficult days.

During this week's episode of The ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast, Kate and Ryan speak about:

Helping your partner through a diagnosis How to be supportive of a loved one with ADHD ADHD misdiagnoses and lack of awarenessThe stigma of ADHD in mental health Ryan's mental health journey and how he deals with his OCDBeing part of a neurodiverse couple How to help an ADHD partner Combining holistic tools with medication Being misunderstood before a diagnosis Reaching a place of presence with ADHD

To learn more about Ryan, you can connect with him on Instagram: @voice_4_mentalhealth.

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