451. Longevity: Extending Lifespan, Health Span, and the Quest for Immortality with Serena Poon, CN.

451. Longevity: Extending Lifespan, Health Span, and the Quest for Immortality with Serena Poon, CN.

By Commune

Serena Poon is a certified nutritionist, celebrity chef, and Reiki Master who introduced her method of functional and spiritual nutrition to the world through Culinary Alchemy. In this episode we explore longevity, lifespan, health span, and the philosophical questions surrounding the potential for immortality. Learn how adversity mimetics like caloric restriction, intermittent fasting, exercise, hot/cold therapy, and breathing techniques activate ancient longevity pathways, and the significance of community and social connections.

In this episode we cover:
0:03:28 – Longevity
0:06:01 – Accessibility
0:10:59 – Biotech
0:13:13 – Health Education
0:15:39 – Brain Health
0:18:22 – The Philosophy of Death
0:25:20 – Epigenetics
0:29:29 – Adversity Mimetics
0:35:24 – AMPK Pathway
0:38:50 – Xenohormesis
0:49:18 – Social Fitness
0:52:46 – The Loneliness Project
1:04:03 – Psychological Health
1:09:08 – Fully Aligned Co.
1:17:32 – Supplements
1:22:14 – Adrenal Fatigue

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