ADHD Medication and Treatment: demystified by a psychiatrist

ADHD Medication and Treatment: demystified by a psychiatrist

By Kate Moryoussef

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Have you been nervous about taking ADHD medication? Does it feel scary to start a medication regime due to the stigma behind stimulant meds?

Or perhaps medication hasn't worked for you in the past and you're now worried about how to manage medication that works for you at different times of the month?

If so, we hope to answer some of these questions and empower you with some personalised tools that work for you.

This week's guest is Dr Helen Read on The ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast is an experienced Consultant Psychiatrist with 30 years of experience in NHS. She has many years of experience with neurodiversity, both in ADHD / ADD and ASD, and their many comorbidities.

Dr Read has a special interest in rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD) and other emotional issues that are often part of these conditions.

Dr Read also has ADHD herself, as do her children. Her advice, support and experience with parents are first-hand, reflecting the often difficult family journey she has taken, with many difficulties and many successes along the way. Dr Read's lived experience with ADHD means her treatment plans are incredibly personalised.

Dr Read's private practice, ADHD Consultancy, specialises in neurodiversity.

Dr Helen and Kate spoke about

Removing medication stigma How ADHD medication can helpHow to use and tweak medication to work for youThe ADHD diagnosis processHelen's journey to work in ADHDThe power of being seen by an ADHD specialistBuilding new structures and scaffolding to help our new ADHD diagnosisFeeling autonomous in our ADHD outcomes The change that is needed in the diagnostic process The harm the BBC Panorama Documentary didHow medication could make your life easier

To connect with Dr Read you can go to her website, or connect with her on Twitter @DoctorHelenRead.

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