458. The Unfulfilled Void: Trauma, Addiction, and Personal Transformation with Elisa Hallerman, PhD

458. The Unfulfilled Void: Trauma, Addiction, and Personal Transformation with Elisa Hallerman, PhD

By Commune

Elisa Hallerman, PhD is an expert on addiction and sobriety – and the founder of the Recovery Management Agency – which provides comprehensive and personalized treatment for addiction, mental health, and trauma. In this episode, Dr. Hallerman uses neuroscience to offer insights into the complexities of addiction, including the impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences, and emphasizes the need for compassion and support. Learn about the root cause of addiction, how symbolism and mythology help you heal, and how to transform your pain into purpose.

In this episode we cover:
0:03:50 – Life as an Addict
0:09:15 – Is Addiction a Choice
0:16:17 – COVID-19 and Addiction
0:21:39 – Eating Disorders
0:22:49 – Loneliness Epidemic
0:23:47 – Root Causes
0:27:08 – Trauma
0:34:16 – Adverse Childhood Experiences
0:38:21 – Soul-Work
0:42:14 – Success
0:50:29 – The Turning Point
0:54:53 – The Career Change
0:57:22 – The Acorn Theory
1:03:08 – Is Suffering Necessary?
1:06:55 – Finding Purpose
1:08:22 – Soulbriety Method
1:14:45 – RMA
1:20:07 – Being Emotionally Available with Boundaries

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