461. Loneliness: Modern Society’s Silent Killer with Jeff Krasno

461. Loneliness: Modern Society’s Silent Killer with Jeff Krasno

By Commune

Social connection is essential for our well-being. Drawing on the contrast between our ancestral hunter-gatherer lifestyle and our current culture, in today’s episode we delve into the physiological and psychological impacts of social isolation. Learn the twelve elements of a healthy social fitness regimen as a means to combat the modern epidemic of loneliness.

In this episode we cover:
00:01:57 - The Lifestyle of the Hunter-Gatherer
00:03:56 - Human Bipedalism
00:05:29 - Evolving Bigger Brains
00:08:30 - Communal Living
00:09:27 - Survival of the Fittest
00:10:31 - Individualism
00:11:30 - The Loneliness Project
00:12:30 - Social Isolation
00:13:09 - Health Risks of Loneliness
00:14:39 - Sociogenomics
00:16:19 - Addiction
00:18:40 - How Social Media Exacerbates Loneliness
00:21:00 - Solitude vs Loneliness
00:21:35 - Happiness
00:24:22 - 12 Elements of a Social Fitness Regimen
00:32:42 - Introverts, Extroverts, and Ambiverts

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