462. The Gut-Brain Connection: How Stress, Trauma, and Shame Impact our Physiology with Dr. Will Cole

462. The Gut-Brain Connection: How Stress, Trauma, and Shame Impact our Physiology with Dr. Will Cole

By Commune

Leading functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole discusses how chronic stress, unresolved trauma, and shame can dysregulate the neuroendocrine axis, leading to hormonal imbalances and inflammation. Discover the role of gut health, environmental toxins, and social media in shaping our well-being, and learn practical strategies to support healing, improve vagal tone, and cultivate resilience.

In this episode we cover:
0:04:50 – The Gut + The Nervous System
0:07:20 – The Vagus Nerve
0:11:14 – Gut-Brain-Axis
0:13:20 – Hormones
0:17:44 – Mood
0:21:26 – Bacteria
0:24:07 – Intestinal Permeability
0:26:21 – Maintaining Good Gut Flora
0:35:51 – Antibiotics
0:37:19 – How to Upregulate Gut Function
0:41:44 – Psychology and Physiology
0:43:01 – Metaphysical Meals
0:46:02 – Shame
0:47:20 – Fight or Flight
0:51:18 – Shameflammation
0:55:23 – Loneliness
0:59:48 – Epigenetics
1:05:47 – Gut Feelings Protocol
1:15:35 – Recipes

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