Listener Week: Women's World Cup final, Shoplifting, Heavy metal

Listener Week: Women's World Cup final, Shoplifting, Heavy metal

By BBC Radio 4

For listener week you, our listeners, decide what we cover on the programme.

It might not have been World Cup glory for England's Lionesses but they still made history and have inspired many along the way. To take a look back at that history, Nuala is joined by two listeners: Sue Whyatt, who played for England in 1972, and successfully got her international cap following an email to us at Woman’s Hour, and Jo Clark, co-founder of Baller FC.

A listener speaks to Nuala about her addiction to shoplifting - fully aware that it's a criminal offence and not something that should be condoned, she wanted to highlight her story on the programme.

Listener Laura wanted us to look at heavy metal and the role women play in the scene. Nuala speaks to Lindsay Bishop, who conducted 10 years of field work for her PhD on the subject and Becky Baldwin, a bassist from the band Fury.

Sue Stewart explains why she got in touch with Woman’s Hour to tell us about the impact on her of the book Matrescence by Lucy Jones. Matrescence is the time during pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood when women undergo far-reaching changes which Lucy Jones argues are more profound, wild and long lasting than we have ever been led to believe. We speak to Lucy and to Sue.

Presenter: Nuala McGovern Producer: Emma Pearce

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