ADHD & Disordered Eating: discovering a more intuitive way with food and nutrition with Dr Bunmi Aboaba and Aleta Storch

ADHD & Disordered Eating: discovering a more intuitive way with food and nutrition with Dr Bunmi Aboaba and Aleta Storch

By Kate Moryoussef

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As we take a break for the summer holidays, we wanted to share some incredible interviews we have done over the last 12 months and bring together clips from guests that highlight various issues we all face regarding our ADHD. This week, Dr Bunmi Aboaba, one of the world's leading food addiction coaches and Aleta Storch, an anti-diet, intuitive eating ADHD dietician, talk about binge eating, disordered eating and how to make better nutritional choices for ourselves when we have ADHD.

In this episode, Kate and Dr Bunmi talk about:

Food addiction and disordered eating alongside ADHD and menopause.The subconscious mind and body around food, binge eating, dopamine, depletion, unhealthy relationships with food, craving, shame, regret, guilt, self-esteem and self-compassion around food disorders.The connection between alcohol addiction or food addiction and ADHDThe power of rituals as an anchor, using micro-moments of dopamine.The Stop technique to help our stress response to foodThe power of accountability and a buddy systemWorking with and not against ourselves

Kate and Aleta also talk about:

Binge and disordered eating alongside ADHDWhy is binge eating happening with ADHD and discusses the notion of restriction and not necessarily bingeingDopamine seeking behaviourEating to prevent bingeingMedication being an appetite suppressantPreventing and understanding hunger with emotional dysregulationDisembodiment and disconnection from knowing what we wantBeing creative with food and keeping it simple with our nutritionUsing convenient food and making it all easier with pre-prepared food.Removing shame about how we cook and eatFinding freedom in doing things our wayChanging the script, doing something small every dayIBS and ADHDReconnecting to our bodies and checking back in.

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