ADHD spending habits, money mindset and creating financial wellbeing with Tina Mathams and Maddy Alexander

ADHD spending habits, money mindset and creating financial wellbeing with Tina Mathams and Maddy Alexander

By Kate Moryoussef

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As we take a break for the summer holidays, we wanted to share some of the incredible ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast interviews we have done over the last 12 months and bring together clips from different guests that highlight various issues we all face regarding our ADHD.

This week ADHD accountant and money coach Tina Mathams and financial educator and Tik Tok influencer and founder of the Mad About Money app Maddy Alexander discuss money shame, debt, and ADHD impulsive spending.

In today's episode of the ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast, Kate and Tina first talk about:

Re-writing your money story and letting go and understanding your family or parent's beliefs about moneyWhy managing and dealing with money can be more complex with ADHDHow dyscalculia can be a reason why managing money can feel so challengingThe energetics of money and abundanceTools to help you navigate money with easeThe importance of a strong money mindset and how to grow one!Money affirmations to help build new neural pathways

And then Kate and Maddy talk about:

How Maddy's spending addiction manifestedDopamine seeking behavioursShame and guilt from spending addictionHaving a fear of dealing with moneyWhy it's so crucial for people with ADHD to talk about moneyHow Maddy dealt with her own debtHow to recognise our strengths and challenges in businessFinding support and understanding of our neurodivergence in businessTips to reduce your spending with ADHDWhat's changed in Maddy's life since her diagnosisHow Maddy manages with her dopamine cravings now

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